Xiaotu STAR I SoloCraft Electric SoloBike Unicycle


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Whether you’re looking for a quirky mode of urban transport or you’re into extreme riding, the Xiaotu STAR I SoloCraft Electric SoloBike Unicycle has you covered. This self-balancing electric unicycle is easy and fun to ride.


The STAR I Unicycle has an average range of 18 miles on a full charge before the battery is completely exhausted. After 13 miles, the SoloBike Unicycle reduces power to preserve energy, and low-voltage warning tone will start. Reserve mode will let you move 5 miles of emergency travel before battery is completely exhausted.


Out of the box, without changing settings, the SoloBike can travel at a maximum of 9 mph. Using the included app, the SoloBike top speed can be increased or decreased. For extreme riders, 18 mph top speed can be unlocked after downloaded the app, and connecting to the SoloBike. Top speed can also be reduced to 12mph, which is considered an ideal and comfortable speed.


The SoloBike weighs 47lbs, and the maximum rider weight is 230lb.
Seat is rated for 230lb.


The SoloBike charger can fully charge the Panasonic batteries in 3 hours. The average nonstop use of a SoloBike before it needs to be recharged is 2 hours, but typically riders start and stop frequently, which will increase the total usage time.

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