Skysaver Survival Rescue Backpack Standalone Safety System – All Sizes (80ft, 160ft, 260ft)


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Skysaver Rescue Backpack

If you live or work in a high-rise, escaping the building in the event of a fire can be a challenge, especially if traditional exits are inaccessible. With the Skysaver World Class Rescue Backpack, you have a simple, safe backup plan.

SkySaver is an innovative personal rescue device that enables you to abseil down a multi-story building. There is no training required. To use the SkySaver Rescue Backpack, you will strap on the backpack, clip the edge of the cable onto an anchor point that you have installed, and then descend through any opening. The unique braking system will automatically lower you at a safe and controlled rate. SkySaver Rescue Backpack is the ultimate gift for corporate men and women, executives, CEOs, and other office workers.

  • SkySaver Rescue Backpacks let you ABSEIL down multi-story buildings to escape fires
  • The bag clips onto the wearer around their chest and between their legs
  • It was designed by Brooklyn-based safety experts
  • The hook can be fitted in buildings up to a height of 260ft (80 metres)
  • It can then carry wearers weighing between 66lbs (25kg) to 300lbs (133kg)
  • Fire resistant cable
  • Device Weight: 26 lbs (approx. 11.7 kg)
  • Load Capacity: 66-300 lbs (30-135 kg)
  • Automatic mechanical braking system lowers users at a rate of 3-6 feet/second (1-2 meters/second)
  • Tested according to ASTM and ANSI standards


Additional information

Weight 13.6077711 lbs
Cable Length

260 Feet (Up to 25 Floors), 160 Feet (Up to 15 Floors), 80 Feet (Up to 7 Floors)


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