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Want more youthful, radiant, glowing skin in just one month? You don’t have to go to a professional clinic or salon. The NEWA Skin Rejuvenation System 1.5 is clinically proven to naturally firm, lift and tighten skin better than any cream, and you can use it right in the comfort of your own home.

NEWA skin rejuvenation works by penetrating the skin three layers deep where collagen is formed. NEWA’s energy reactivates natural collagen production, which strengthens the skin’s support structure. Skin is lifted, firmed and tightened from the inside, and wrinkles and fine lines begin to disappear.

Using the innovative 3DEEP™ technology, phase controlled multiple RF (radio frequency) sources combined with state of the art software, deep heat penetration stimulates and protects your epidermis helping it to create more collagen which naturally decreases with age. The 3DEEP™ FDA cleared technology is the same technology used and recommended by Dermatologists worldwide. The NEWA technology is unique to the market and far surpasses other products using RF technology.

NEWA skin rejuvenation is safe, painless, effective and easy to use. You can achieve dramatic results.

The NEWA® Skin Rejuvenation System 1.5 provides:

  • Patented 3DEEP® technology, the most innovative collagen rejuvenation system on the market
  • Natural collagen stimulation to gently reduce wrinkles and fine lines safely & effectively
  • Temperature indicator for optimal collagen generation and protection against overheating
  • Dual safety sensors that automatically stop the NEWA energy when necessary to protect your skin
  • A built-in motion sensor to remind you to move in a circular motion
  • Gentle vibration notifications and automatic shut-off at the end of each session
  • Blinking LED light indicator to confirm active and even energy is being applied

What is in the Box:

  • NEWA Device
  • NEWA LIFT Activation Gel, 130ml.
  • Power supply
  • Storage Bag
  • User Manual
  • Quick user guide

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