Nail Cleaner Fungus Laser Treatment Device


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  • ★END NAIL FUNGUS. The Nail Cleaning Laser Device is a simple and revolutionary product that eliminates fungus on finger and toe nails, nail beds, and cuticles with no pain; The Nail Cleaning Laser Device will penetrate the infected nail plate and target causative pathogens on the nail bed.As a result the fungal infection will be greatly alleviated and gradually eliminated.
  • ★PAIN FREE AND EASY TO USE.The lightweight, compact the Nail Cleaning Laser Device will not hurt or cause pain when treating tinea onychomycosis; no more embarrassing visits to the doctor; no more creams, sprays, prescriptions, or medicines; using it mere minutes a day in the comfort of your home, you can get rid of unsightly toenail and fingernail fungus once and for all; its portable and charges with the electrical plug-in adapter for 3 to 4 hours.
  • ★LESS THAN 7 MINUTES A DAY.By using the Nail Cleaning Laser Device for less than 7 minutes daily, you can quickly kill nail fungus and see results in a week with no discomfort or side effects; place unit on a toe or finger and press its 100 percent safe laser light to rid ugly, bothersome fungus and produce healthy, clean nails.
  • ★USE SELECTIVE PHOTO THERMOLYSIS. The light uses selective photo thermolysis to eliminate the infection; it automatically shuts off after 7 minutes;laser produces coherent light energy of a sufficient strength and and of a specific wavelength which when projected into tissue is differentially absorbed by the target material ,producing heat and hence tissue destruction .Other tissue compensation is unaffected and so spared.
  • ★100 PERCENT SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.Because we know our product is top quality, we offer a 1 year warranty; BUY WITH CONFIDENCE the Nail Cleaning Laser Device that comes with an Electrical Wall Charger, User Guide; get beautiful nails on your toes and fingers.