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With KryptAll®, You Can Call Anyone, Anytime, To Any Phone, From Anywhere In The World, And Know Your Call Is Secure.

Who Should Use KryptAll®?

  • Anyone with something of importance to say over the phone.
  • Anyone that operates in a competitive arena.
  • Anyone that wishes to remain private.
  • Anyone that may be a target.

Why Should I Use KryptAll®?

  • Check out our video on our website at kryptall (dot) com
  • Recent news events demonstrate how common phone call interception can be.
  • Rupert Murdoch, News of the World
  • PI used phone records and wiretapped
  • Industrial Espionage
  • Remain SOX/FERPA/HIPPA/PCI compliant

What is KryptAll®?

  • Check out our User Guide video on our website at kryptall (dot) com
  • Unique patent pending caller initiated encryption solution.
  • Calls are made from a modified phone over a secure global network.
  • Guarantees your privacy.
  • Freedom to call anyone, anywhere, to any type of phone in the world.
  • Does not produce any call records.

The K Phones Are Secure!

  • Hardened and modified phones.
  • Desk phones or cellular phones.
  • Secure 256-bit AES voice/data encryption.
  • Completely encrypted from the phone to the global network of secure servers.

KryptAll’s Secure Global Network

  • Global network of secure encrypted servers.
  • More than a 100 different interconnection points to Plain Old Telephone Networks.
  • Located in over 10 nations covering 5 continents.

How Secure Is The Technology?

  • KryptAll® operates with secure proven encryption systems: 256-bit AES with 4096-bit Diffie-Hellman key exchange, tested and verified by third parties, and approved through verification studies, as being secure.
  • The global network of servers that manage the calls are encrypted with 3 levels of encryption, in order to guarantee the impossibility of tampering even by the KryptAll® personnel.
  • The telephones switches do not generate or record any information of the call.

Call Security

  • KryptAll® continuously and automatically assigns a different telephone number as this number is not linked with the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).
  • The calls enter the regular telephone network from more than a 100 different interconnection points scattered in over 10 countries on 5 continents together with millions of other calls.
  • No call records exist.
  • Random caller ID numbers are generated for each call.
  • User can select caller ID for each call


  • Only one encrypted phone is needed when the user is the target.
  • Proprietary Secure Global Network of servers.
  • No additional cost for the calls, regardless of how many or how long they are.
  • KryptAll® works worldwide, wherever there is Internet connection.
  • KryptAll® DOES NOT cause any echo.
  • KryptAll® does not use the regular public switches.
  • KryptAll® uses servers that are reached through the Internet with an encrypted connection.
  • No record or trace of the caller or the called.
  • Guaranteed 100% impossibility for anybody to intercept/tap/monitor the conversations when both parties use KryptAll®.
  • With KryptAll® the quality and the clarity of the communication is absolutely outstanding.
  • KryptAll® developed this system to meet or exceed aerospace and defense industry security standards.

K iPhone

  • KryptAll® firmware modified
  • 256-bit AES Encrypted
  • Operates over broadband WiFi networks
  • Operates over GSM/3G networks
  • Factory unlocked can operate internationally via GSM Cellular Network
  • Can be used as a standard iPhone

Main Features

  • The quality of the calls are as clear as any other traditional telephone call.
  • The encryption causes no delay in the call.
  • No waiting period, the telephone that is being called rings in less than a second from the moment the number is dialed.
  • Phones allow you to save frequently dialed numbers.
  • An access PIN can be activated in order to avoid unauthorized usage.

Calling Features

  • By calling 448 this function allows you choose which ID you want to display on the recipient’s phone.  Our system will guide you through the 2 steps to use this function. You will be asked to key in on your phone the caller ID you would like to display on the recipient’s phone and the number you would like to call.
  • By calling 446 you can set your preferred language for all interactive voice messages.


  • World Wide
    Works over any broadband IP/WiFi network for world-wide communications
  • Hardware 
    KryptAll® Telephones are available in two models: K iPhone or desktop K Phone
  • Air and Sea
    KryptAll® Technology can be used in aircrafts or yachts

Privacy Policy

  • KryptAll® will have a record of the sales and service agreement on file under the contact information you provided. No other records are on file.
  • KryptAll® Phones do not generate dialed call records.
  • KryptAll® does not operate over the telephone network and is not governed by foreign and domestic communication acts.
  • KryptAll® Secure global server network is located outside of the USA.
  • KryptAll® Has servers located in countries that do not allow wiretapping.
  • KryptAll® Voice communication is secure by proven industry standards.